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When an American corporation admits to financially supporting terrorist activities to protect its own profits, the Law Firm of Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley steps in to fight for the Columbia victims and their families.

Day after day in Colombia, the death toll rises, and the rate of rapes and assaults climbs, at the hands of paramilitary groups such as FARC and AUC. The world reads the statistics in newspapers, hears them recounted on radio and television. But they don’t understand.

The attorneys at Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley understand. Because we know what happens when big corporations put profits before safety. We know that these are not just numbers. Each number represents a human face: a brother, a child, a wife, a nephew.. savagely slaughtered, mercilessly tortured, or violently raped by terrorists and mercenaries who got millions of dollars in funding from Chiquita Brands International.

Why does this happen?

  • Because at any cost, Chiquita Brands was determined to keep victimizing
    the Colombian families it exploited in order to continue growing, distributing, and selling bananas.
  • Because Chiquita Brands made billions of dollars off the backs, and the lives, of Colombian workers.
  • Because Chiquita Brands paid blood money to terrorists like Carlos Castano to protect its financial interests.
  • Because Chiquita Brands valued the dollar over the priceless miracle of human life.

Chiquita Brands is so invested in the fruits of death and torture that it ignored warnings that their so-called protection payments were illegal. Last year, the corporation chose to pay $25 million in fines to the US government because it failed to stop the flow of blood money or alleged arms shipments to Colombian outlaws even after those receiving the payments were officially designated as terrorist organizations (

If a loved one has been murdered, or you or a family member has been seriously harmed by thugs from United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC), or Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), you know what we are talking about. Whether a well-publicized massacre or an isolated incident, the atrocities are equally devastating. We want you to know that attorneys at Searcy Denney are available to help you find justice against Chiquita Brands. Jack Scarola has put together a team of investigators and attorneys who are meeting with victims and their families on a monthly basis and will continue to do so until we can, together, put a stop to the support that American corporations provide to terrorist organizations.

For more than 30 years, the skilled and compassionate attorneys at Searcy Denney have been taking Big Corporations to task, fighting for social justice and standing up for people like you. Through the American justice system, we have served notice to greedy corporations that their patterns of exploitation and reckless endangerment will not be tolerated. Whether against cancer-causing Big Tobacco or big pharmaceutical companies that peddle deadly drugs, we help innocent victims exercise their rights to pursue justice.

Thanks to a well-established legal precedent, this right extends to non-Americans like you, whose lives have been devastated by an American corporation (

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